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OHS Wind Ensemble

The OHS Wind Ensemble is the primary performing organization at Orange High School and is designed for proficient to advanced level instrumental students and continues with the skill developments begun in Symphonic Band. This ensemble performs Grade V and VI repertoire and is open to students exhibiting an advanced proficiency on their instrument  as determined by the Music Director through auditions and proficiency assessments.

Students enrolled in the Wind Ensemble class understand upon entering that participation in all performances and all before- and after-school rehearsals are mandatory. 

2021 Video Auditions

Video Submission

Video Submissions & Audition Release Form due to Mr. Noe by Friday, April 23, 2021.
Auditions for the OHS Wind Ensemble are open to all grade levels (9-12). Selection for the OHS Ensemble will be determined by student proficiency and instrumentation needs for the ensemble.
Students auditioning for the Wind Ensemble must demonstrate proficiency through audition. The audition requirements include performing major scales (1 octave) and performing the current year's All-District 9-10 Prepared Solo*.
Major Scales (Concert Pitch):
G, C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db
(One Octave)
Students will submit two (2) videos**:
Video 1: Major Scales
Video 2: Prepared Solo

*Students who make All-District Band or 1st or 2nd Alternate are waived from auditioning. Acceptance into All-District Band (and alternates) automatically demonstrates proficiency and those students will be enrolled in the Wind Ensemble.


**Videos must be unedited and show the student playing their instrument. Accompaniment or metronome are not allowed. The students full instrument, face, and hands must be visible in the video submission

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