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Happy Team Posing


Volunteer Philosophy

Your energy and efforts are greatly appreciated.  When you volunteer to help in any capacity, you are supporting the STUDENTS of the OHS Band.  

There are numerous ways you can help out, and multiple jobs/tasks we need completed on a routine basis.  

Descriptions of jobs are listed in the sign-up software.  


Volunteers Expectations: All Marching Band families should sign up for at least 2 football concessions events and 1 basketball concession event. Non-marching band families should sign up for at least 1 football concessions event and 1 basketball concessions event.  For these purposes, "family" is defined as the student and  at least  one adult.  


Marching Band Pit Crew - the OHS Band usually needs approximately 15 volunteers each time we perform. This usually averages to each family volunteering 3-4 times throughout the season between football games and competitions to get all the spots filled.  


Understanding how valuable your time is, we do our best to only ask for the volunteers that we truly need for each event, and only for the times you are actually needed.  


Thanks in advance for your continued support of the STUDENTS of the OHS Band.  

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